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Developmental Stages: Newborn

8 Facts You Must Know About

When does your newborn baby’s umbilical cord drop? A newborn baby’s umbilical cord typically falls on its own between 5 and 15 days after birth. Make sure to keep it dry. Do not hurry for it to fall as any intervention may lead on to infections.


Does your newborn baby’s stool colour surprise you? A newborn baby’s first stools may surprise you. Stay assured that this is normal during his or her first few days. While still in the womb, your baby’s intestines where lined with a sticky dark green or black matter. While your baby’s body get rid of this substance, his or her stool’s colour shouldn’t worry you. Meanwhile, newborn babies have a high frequency of bowel movement. It averages 8 to 10 times a day.



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Why are newborn babies always hungry? On the one hand, your newborn baby’s stomach is relatively small. On the other hand, breast milk is easy to digest. Those are the reasons why your newborn is constantly hungry over his or her few days. On average you should breastfeed your little one every 2 to 3 hours. Even if he or she is asleep, you may have to wake your baby up for breastfeeding.


Why do newborn babies always seem to cry? Do not worry about your newborn baby crying too often. This is quite normal as they get wet or hungry pretty much all the time. Remember that crying remains a newborn’s only way of communication.


How many hours do newborn babies sleep per day? There is no uninterrupted night sleep. Newborn babies tend to sleep in 3 to 4 blocks for a total of 19 to 20 hours per day. Do not expect for his or her sleeping pattern to regularise until about 3 months old.


Eye Colour: Eye colours depend on one’s amount of melanin in the body. While all newborn have blue eyes, their eye colour is likely to change over time. You will notice this change happening between six and nine months old.


Sense of smell: A baby’s sense of smell develops in the womb. As his or her strongest sense, a newborn’s smell is his or her strongest connection to the world around. Your newborn recognises you at your smell. At a younger age, your smell is the strongest connection your newborn has with you.


Skin Peeling: After having spent nine months in amniotic fluid, your baby’s skin has to come to contact with the air. His or her sensitive skin will naturally tend to dry out and peel off. This usually passes away within his or her few days.

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