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Our Terms & Conditions


1. About Us

Teddley is the exclusive trade mark and trade name of Bromsfield Finery Limited. We are a registered company in England and Wales, which operates under company number 10780955 and with our registered office address at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom. You can write to us using our registered office address or communicate directly with our friendly customer care department via the contact page at, via our live chat service or by email at Please note that communications shall be exchanged in the English language.

2. Notices

The website and its related services are operated by Bromsfield Finery Ltd. (“we”, “us”) and are made available to you in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions and in accordance with any additional conditions or notices referred to in it or posted on our website. By using our website and services, you implicitly consent in full to our Terms and Conditions. The latter define your and our rights and responsibilities notably when purchasing goods from us. We therefore strongly recommend that you are familiar with this document prior to ordering any product from our website. Our Terms and Conditions may be updated or modified. In order to take notice of any revisions, we therefore recommend that you check this page again from time to time and at each time you are to place an order with us. Please remember that the version of the Terms and Conditions that apply to your purchase depend on the date you placed an order with us. Past versions of our Terms and Conditions will be made available to you as pdf files at or can be sent to you electronically.

3. Website Terms of Use

Any guest or user at is authorised to freely view our website’s content and to take full advantage of its services for personal use. Please note that this does not allow for the manipulation of any of our content, including page copying or editing. You can use links to our website, provided that they are in no way found offensive or that they do not harm our business reputation. You cannot use links to our website that imply any form of endorsement or association when not consented in prior and in written form by one of our customer care representatives. Moreover, you are not allowed to hack or corrupt any features or data on our website. You are not allowed to try to undermine our website’s or any of its functioning or performance. The transmission of malicious or harmful technologies, attacks and attempts to gain unauthorised access to our site, its server or computers connected to it is considered criminal offense under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Any breach will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities to whom we will have to reveal your identity.

4. Privacy & Cookie Policy

By using our website, you consent to be bound by the terms set in our Privacy and Cookie Policy. The latter document informs you on our practices to safeguard your privacy. It defines our responsibilities with regards to your personal data, the ways in which and reasons for which we may have to collect information, the means we use to protect your entrusted data, the duration for which we may keep your data, our cookie and third party link practices, our policy on third party access to your data and your rights to manage or delete data you have entrusted us with.

5. Account Protection

Please note that you are responsible for your account at This implies that you must keep your password and additional account information confidential at all times. Please notify us as soon as you suspect that your password or any other account information may have been compromised. For your security, we will restrict access to your account if we believe that your account information has been compromised. Please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy for information on how to create a strong password. Meanwhile, you must also ensure that your contact information in your account is accurate and up to date. We cannot accept liability for losses or damage due to a failure to protect your password or to disclose your correct mailing address.

6. User Generated Content

You are prohibited from transmitting, uploading or referring to any content on our website that may be illegal, defamatory, offensive or annoying to other users. You are prohibited to promote unwanted advertising material and to infringe on content that is covered by intellectual property rights belonging to a third party. You are prohibited from transmitting, uploading or referring to any content that may falsely harm our business and services, including the use of technology that may limit other users from taking full advantage of our website. We hold the right to remove any content or ban any user that breaks these terms. While we are thankful to you for your product reviews and other forms of feedback, please note that public posts are considered non confidential and non proprietary. Accordingly, you consent to grant us the right to use this content under a worldwide, non revocable and royalty free license for advertising purposes. Please note that we cannot be held accountable to any party for the content and accuracy of content posted by a third party other than us.

7. Website Disclaimers

While we endeavour to display our products in the most accurate way possible, please note that the way you view certain product attributes ultimately depends on the device you use. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that actual product colour hints are perfectly reflected by your monitor. Similarly, while we thrive to ensure that our website is free from faults and viruses, we cannot guarantee that its use will not harm your device. Please ensure that you use anti-malicious technology protection on your device while surfing the web. Please note that our website is often revised to accommodate new content related to new product lines and improved services. We are not to be held liable for the website or any of its parts and content being unavailable anymore or being temporarily unavailable such as under maintenance. Please note that we reserve the right to interrupt or restrict access to our website or any services at any time and without prior notice. Please note that you are fully responsible for compliance by the local laws if you use this website from outside the United Kingdom. We are not to be held responsible and shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any material on our website and are not responsible for any harm to your electronic equipment as a result of you visiting our website. Please note that by using our services now and at at all times thereafter, you hereby agree to indemnify Bromsfield Finery Limited against claims including but not limited to any legal, damage and settlement costs as a result of you breaching our terms and conditions.

8. Ethical Sourcing Policy

We are committed to strict levels of ethical responsibility. We work with highly reputable suppliers and share an ethical code of conduct to safeguard employees’ involved in the production of our goods. Our practices extend to monitoring working hours, pay rates, freedom of association and above all health and safety standards.

9. Terms of Sale

By clicking on the order button on our checkout page, you consent to be bound by the present terms and conditions. Placing an order on our website requires from you to be over 18 years of age, not be under guardianship and that you provide accurate, current and complete information for the purchase of the items. This includes a valid delivery address and payment type. The banking or PayPal payment account used for the purchase of the products must be under your name and you must ensure that it disposes of sufficient funds to cover for the costs of the order. Once you place an order with us, we acknowledge receipt of your order by sending you a confirmation email. Please note that this first email does not constitute acceptance of your order on our part. The contract between you and us is deemed formed only once your payment is received in full and only once we have sent you a dispatch confirmation email. The latter email lists the product items included in the contract and provides you with a unique tracking number to monitor your order delivery. Please be aware that we hold the right to refuse or delay order acceptance in case we suspect fraudulent activity on a bank account or in case you haven’t provided us with a correct delivery address. Please note that the inclusion of a product or service on our website does not warrant their availability. While we make every effort to ensure the availability of product stocks and services listed on our website, that product descriptions and prices are up-to-date at all times, errors may still occur. In the latter case, we reserve the right to cancel or correct an order up to the time of the shipment. We will contact you at the earliest possible to inform you if we are unable to fulfil your order. You will then be given the option to either reconfirm your order excluding products not in stock, confirm any correction in prices, wait until products become available, opt for alternative products or simply cancel your order. In case we are unable to contact you or you haven’t given us any instructions within five working days, your order will automatically be cancelled. We will notify you of the order cancellation and if we have received payment for the order, we will refund it by means of the same method you used to make the payment.

10. Ordering Errors and Parties Withdrawal Rights

In order to correct, modify or withdraw your order after you have clicked on the order button on our checkout page, you must notify it to one of our customer care representatives at the earliest opportunity. We can amend your order and its shipping method in any way you wish up to the time of its shipment. While we keep products, services and prices regularly updated on our website, order fulfilment on our part depends on no material errors being present at the time of the order. A contract will similarly be considered void if you fail to provide us with a complete and correct delivery address within five working days upon receipt of a notice sent by our customer care department. Any money that you paid in advance will be refunded to you in full and using the same payment method that you used to pay the order. Lastly, we reserve to right to end a contract if you fail to settle any overdue payment within five working days upon receipt of a notice sent by our customer care department.

11. Payment Terms

Our products and delivery prices are displayed inclusive of the statutory Value Added Tax (VAT) for destinations within the United Kingdom and within the European Union Member States. Except during some promotional campaigns, delivery costs are non-inclusive and depend on the weight of the order, on the delivery method and on the destination you opt in for. For more information on our exact delivery charges, please see our delivery or our checkout pages. Please be aware that for product orders outside the EU, local taxes and import duties may apply. We do not control, cannot forecast their amount and you are deemed responsible in full for the payment of these charges. Please note that we accept no liability on products that you import or export outside of the EU. We accept payment in full at the delivery of your order by a number of payment methods. First, you can use a valid debit/credit card or PayPal account at the time of the purchase. The amount for the purchase will be reserved on your nominated payment account but will be debited only at the time that we will have despatched your products from our warehouse. Our payment processor reserves the right to check your account details against payment fraud and check if enough credit is available to cover for the payment of your order. Depending on these results, or if we are not able to obtain full payment for your order, we reserve the right to decline your purchase and cancel your order. Please note that we are not liable for any delayed delivery due to incomplete or incorrect payment details on your part. Please note that we are not liable for any additional fee charged by your bank. This may occur on international transactions. Second, you may choose to pay by bank transfer if you wish to purchase a gift card. In the latter case you have to contact one of our customer care department representative for him or her to provide you with our account and swift code details. Please note that this service is available only between UK bank accounts. Once your payment is confirmed, we will notify you by email. Third, we offer you the option to pay a part of the totality of your order by using a gift card or a voucher. Please note that you are responsible for entering a correct email address for the receipt of your online gift card or voucher. We cannot be held liable if somebody else uses your online gift card or voucher as a result of you providing us with an incorrect email address for its delivery. Furthermore and following their delivery, we cannot take responsibility for gift cards and vouchers getting lost, stolen, deleted or used by somebody else other than you or your recipient. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure you or your recipient keeps this information safe and confidential at all times. If you send an online gift card, be sure that your recipient has received it. Be aware that online gift cards or voucher may sometimes get caught in spam filters and firewalls which is out of our control. Gift cards and vouchers must be used within 2 years starting at the date of purchase after which they will be void and their balance cancelled. If you make an order for less than the value of a gift card or voucher, you can spend the remaining balance on you next purchase. If you make an order worth more than the value of a gift card or voucher, you can pay the remaining balance using another payment method. You are free to use more than one gift card and voucher in a single purchase and you are free to use them together with promotional codes. Moreover, payment in full or in part using our gift cards or vouchers gives you rights for free delivery for purchases above £60. However, please be aware that gift cards and voucher cannot be exchange for cash. If you cancel or return an order paid in part or in full using a gift card or voucher, the exact amount paid by a gift card or voucher will refunded to you in the form of a new gift card or voucher. We strongly recommend that you lock you gift card or voucher to your personal online account at This will avoid it to get lost or stolen. However, please be aware that once locked to your own account, the gift card or voucher becomes your personal and non-transferable property. Finally, we offer you the option to pay part of your purchase by way of a promotional code which may apply from time to time on some or all of our products or delivery methods. Please note that each promotional campaign is subject to a specific period of time and to specific terms and conditions defined at the time of issue. Promotional codes are linked to your own personal account at and you must keep them confidential at times. Giving your promotional code personally or advertising it anywhere to third persons is prohibited. Promotional codes can be used at a single occasion, cannot be transferred or exchange for cash. We hold the right in case you breach any of these terms and conditions to cancel your promotional code and your account at any time and without prior notice.

12. Delivery Terms

We work to process your order in a diligent and timely fashion. Unless you specify it otherwise, we will ship your order in accordance with your chosen delivery option and within 1 to maximum 2 working days following dispatch confirmation. This time frame may be extended in case of an unexpected event outside of our control. In the latter situation, we will notify you and let you informed of the expected delivery date and will give you the choice to cancel your order. Please refer to Article 15 for more information. Delivery timescales and costs vary depending on the delivery method you opt in for at the time you place your order. For more information, please refer to our delivery page or to the information supplied on your order summary page. We strongly advise that you make sure the delivery address you provide us with is complete and free from errors. Undeliverable products returned to us will be notified to you in writing and in order to arrange for a redelivery. Please note that redelivery arrangement may incur additional postage costs. If we are unable to contact you within five working days to arrange for a redelivery, we will notify you that your order is cancelled and we will refund you the price you paid for the goods, excluding delivery costs. You can request by way of contacting our customer care department for any special instructions to be included in the delivery of your goods. However, please note that we cannot be held responsible for product losses or damage once they are delivered in accordance with your instructions. Delivery of your order is deemed fulfilled when all the products you purchased are delivered to the address you provided us with when you submitted your order. Once delivered, the products are deemed under your responsibility. We advise at the time of reception that you check for possible damages and that the products types and sizes are the ones you asked for.

13. Product Warranty

We strongly believe in the premium quality of our products. We are therefore happy to offer you an extra international warranty period of 3 months on top of your statutory rights derived from UK and EU regulations. The warranty begins at the time of delivery and guarantees that your products are free from material defects. If you suspect damage during the shipment of your goods, please contact us within 48 hours from the time of delivery. Please note that you are responsible for using, maintaining and storing the products accordingly to our user instructions. Hence, please be aware that this warranty clause cannot and does not apply to any defects in products which have sustained accidental or negligent wear and tear, wilful damage, poor storage conditions, improper usage practices, repair or alteration by you or by any third party. Moreover, damage does inevitably occur as a result of aging and normal wear. Our warrantee cannot and does not cover for any damage resulting from natural wear and tear. If you think that one of our product breaches our warranty, you must contact our customer care department for them to provide you with a return form and instruct you on where to send the item back. While returning a product, please enclose our return form together with a copy of your proof of purchase. Once we have received your product, please be aware it will undergo a meticulous quality control inspection by our garment technician. Upon her decision, we will notify whether or not the product is considered to present any material defect. If it does, we will offer you the option for an exchange or a full refund. If you opt for an exchange and we do no more have your product in stock, you will be able to choose from any product(s) at the same price. We will cover for any standard postage costs you incurred while returning the product we have confirmed as faulty if you can send us it’s receipt. If you opt for a full refund, we will issue it within fifteen working days of your decision in the same way you paid for your item. Standard order delivery and standard return costs for this product will be at our charge. If you do not specify us of your choice within ten working days after we have notified you of our positive decision to replace or refund your product, we will treat it by default as a refund. In case our garment technician deems that the item is not in breach of our warranty, we will return the product to you as soon as you have paid for the postage costs for it’s redelivery to you.

14. Rights of Cancellation, Exchange, Returns and Refunds

Order cancelation or exchange is possible at any time prior to product shipment. Provided that the returned items are in the same condition as upon receipt, returns or exchanges are also guaranteed by us within twenty days from the day of your order dispatch confirmation. Reflecting excessive handling, we cannot guarantee acceptance of product returns which label and tags are damaged or removed and products which have been worn other than just to try them on, washed, damaged, or altered in any way. Please note that for us to consider product returns, they must be in their original undamaged packaging, which shall include any product documentation such as manuals and certificates. We may at our discretion accept the latter items subject to deductions. Please note that once unsealed, items sealed for hygiene purposes or customised products will however not be made available for order cancellation, exchange or return, even if subject to deductions. For orders delivered in multiple instalments, the twenty days’ period for product returns shall begin at the day of the last product dispatch confirmation. Within this twenty days’ period, if you wish to return any of your products, please contact our customer care department which will advise you how and where to send the item(s) back. You will need to send us back the item(s) at your own costs and risk, enclose an original proof of purchase and submit to us a return form which is accessible under the return page of our website or by contacting our customer care department. As lost, stolen or damaged goods during shipment is under your sole responsibility, we strongly advise you to opt for the package to be send by registered post. In the latter case, the postal company will be due to compensate you. Please note that a simple certificate of posting cannot constitute confirmation of receipt. Subject to payment in advance, we can arrange for the collection of your returns within the United Kingdom. Once we have received your ordered products back unused and in full, we will refund you the price paid for the item(s) together with our standard delivery charges within ten working days. Refunds will be made by means of the same payment method used to purchase the goods. Please note that standard delivery charges will not be refunded in case you wish to keep certain items of the order. Please note that except for faulty items, mistaken product deliveries, late deliveries, errors in pricing or product description, you are held responsible for postage charges on product returns. This returns and exchanges policy does not affect your legal rights in relation to faulty or misdescribed goods.

15. Liability, Exclusions of Liability and Invalidity

These Terms and Conditions shall in no way limit or exclude our liability with regards to the Consumer Protection Act 1986, to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 or to any matter for which it would be unlawful for us to limit or exclude our liability. Our customer care department shall be your initial point of contact in case of a complaint. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy upon conclusion of our handling procedures, you may choose to lodge your complaint to the UK Retail Ombudsman ( or to the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform ( Please note that except as required by the law, we cannot accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of our services. This includes but is not limited to the unlikely event where your device or content stored in it is harmed as a result of you using our website. Moreover, we shall be held neither responsible nor liable for any failure to meet any of our contractual obligations if due to an event outside our control. This includes but is not limited to a natural disaster such as a flood or a fire, to civil and industrial disturbances such as a riot or a third party company strike. Any other loss or damage which is not reasonably foreseeable at the time of the contract shall also be excluded. In the latter cases, we will contact you as soon as possible to notify you about the estimated duration of the disturbance and to offer you an alternative or a full refund. If the goods you ordered were meant for any commercial or business purposes, we cannot be held liable to your loss of profit, of business interruption or of loss of opportunity. Please note that our maximum liability to you for any loss or damage in relationship with an order you placed on our website is limited to the total price of the order.

16. Ownership of Right & Obligations

Intellectual property rights of any content made available to you on, including but not restricted to copyrights and trademarks, remain the exclusive property of Bomsfield Finery Limited or of our licensors. Please be aware that copying, imitating, plagiarising, publishing or distributing any content made available to you through our website in full or in part is not allowed for any commercial purposes.

17. Severability & Waiver

Shall any clause within these terms and conditions be invalided by an English Court or relevant regulatory agency, the remaining terms shall continue to apply in full force and effect. Similarly, a waiver by us on any provision shall not entitle you to breach any other clause in these Terms and Conditions and in documents explicitly referred to in it. Please be aware that a waiver by us is effective only in writing and signed by one of our directors.

18. About these Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to update the present terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Please note that the version of the terms and conditions that applies to your product purchase is the one which was current at time of your order. Past versions of our Terms and Conditions are made available for consultation on this page or can be sent to you by email by contacting our customer care department. By using our services or by placing an order, you hereby agree that neither of us shall have claims for innocent or negligent misrepresentation of any statement disclosed in these Terms and Conditions and on any document specifically referred to in them. Moreover, these Terms and Conditions are established between you and us. Therefore, you agree that no third party shall have any rights to enforce or benefit from any of its provisions. Any claim or dispute shall be subject to the exclusive governing laws and jurisdiction of the English Courts.