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Why do we care about your personal data at

At we believe that you must always feel empowered while at ease with the kind of data, the reasons why and the ways in which you share data online. To this end, we collect data only for purposes explained and consented to in prior. Furthermore, we never share your information with any third party other than for product shipment or when legally required to do so. Once its purpose completed, we safely delete your information. Be confident that our website does neither collect or process any financial or credit card information you submit through it’s checkout page. Treatment of this sensitive information is ensured by our entrusted third party payment processor selected on the basis of the most stringent level of certification. Please note that we also remain committed to protecting the confidentiality of any information you may share with us while interacting on our website. When filling-in electronic forms, communicating with us, placing online orders or subscribing to promotional material, you can stay assured that your data will be gathered, used and protected in accordance to our strict policies and processes. Due to the nature of the internet and despite updated technical safeguards on our side, the security of content transmission via electronic means (e.g. by email) cannot be guaranteed. Please check the following FAQ for more information and visit this page from time to time to stay updated to any changes. The current version of this Privacy Policy is effective as per 14.08.2017.

Who is in charge of my personal data at

Teddley ® is a registered trademark of Bromsfield Finery Ltd. By using the website at, we at Bromsfield Finery Ltd. are the ones responsible for your personal data being gathered, used and processed properly and lawfully.

Please find more about us and how to contact us below.


Bromsfield Finery Limited

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WCH9JQ, UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 73 87 81 15 08


Companies register: Companies House – England and Wales

Company registration number: 10780955

How and what information do you share with us?

You may voluntarily share a number of information with us by either visiting our website, by signing up, by placing online orders, by participating in competitions, surveys or by communicating with our customer care department. Those can be categorised as either personally identifiable or non-personally identifiable data. Personal data you may choose to submit directly to us include your title, name, surname, contact information, (e.g. email address), likings or interests on our website, demographic information, product or general reviews, mailing preferences, personalised gift card messages, payment information, order delivery mailing address, billing or invoice mailing address. In order to serve you better and only as long as you are registered with us, please note that we will keep any past communications with you. Meanwhile, please stay assured that we do not collect any personal data on you from any external sources. About non-personal or anonym forms of information, be aware that nowadays, whenever you visit either a website or an app, a series of data gets stored on the IT system. Some of those are necessary to operate the website or app effectively. Those anonym forms of data include technical information and statistics ranging from page response time, errors to the type of device used from being either a desktop/laptop, tablet or a mobile. Moreover, this data may take the form of information about interaction preferences, such as products placed in wish-list, most visited pages and products searched for the most.

How do we use collected information?

On the one hand, we would like to remind you that we may need to use your personal data in order to fulfil a series of purposes you have agreed to. Firstly, in case you register or make a purchase from our online store, we will use your information to create, manage and secure your account, to process orders and shipment in a timely fashion, to email you on shipment and delivery notifications, to contact you in case of delivery issues and to respond appropriately to any of your queries. Please be aware that prior to deleting your wish-list or unprocessed orders, we may send you an email notification containing a link to check-in on those products via our website and if only you wish to do so. Secondly, in case you subscribe to receive promotional updates from us, we may periodically send you engagement email communications including information about our offers, events, newsletters and catalogues. Third, in case you participate to one of our competitions, we will use your personal data to notify you of winners. Fourth, by participating to one of our surveys, we may use your results in order to understand your needs which will influence and improve the products and services we provide to you. On the other hand, we would like to make you aware that we may need to refer to your non-personal data in order to ensure that content on our website is presented in an effective manner to you, to allow you to use its interactive features if and when you want to do so and to make you recommendations about some of our products and services. Meanwhile, this type of data will be used to contribute to our efforts to maintain our website the safest and more secure possible. Please note that we will hold your information only as long as necessary to fulfil the above functions or as long as mandated by the law. Beyond this period of time, your data will be safely deleted.

How do we protect your entrusted personal data?

Whenever you entrust us with your personal data, we process and store it in accordance with a series of organisational and technical measures that guard it from loss, unapproved access, handling or disclosure. We revise our practices and choice of software annually to keep them updated in line with the latest technological developments. As an initial and major security feature, please be aware that we use exclusive ‘https’ access on all of our website pages including on our instant messaging service. Accordingly, data you share and receive by interacting on our website is sent in an encrypted form. This means that data is processed through a secure connection inaccessible to third parties. Other security features concern the storage of your data on our servers. The latter are frequently monitored against attacks and vulnerabilities. They use the most advanced firewalls and additional up to date systems to block attacks and users trying to login into your account using invalid credentials. On this note, please help us make your online personal account at more secure by choosing one which involves various characters, including capital letters and numbers. Please be aware that using a similar password on all your online accounts is not a prudent practice to adopt. Finally, even tough our servers are secure enough, we have opted for partnering with a third party payment agent while processing your credit card details which is well renown for keeping up with to the most stringent international payment security standards. An identity check may be carried out by the latter to avoid credit card frauds.

Why and how do we use cookies?

At we first use cookies that are strictly necessary for the proper operation of our website. Those enable you to use its integrated features such as registering or logging into your customer account, adding products to your wish list or shopping cart. We use further site functionality cookies in order to enhance and simplify your visit. Those work by tailoring our web pages to your needs, likings and preferences. This includes your choice of language, region and product filtration functionalities. Moreover, if you choose the ‘remember me’ option, your login details will be displayed at each of your subsequent visits. Finally, we use web traffic analysing tools in order to constantly help us improve our website’s level of user-friendliness and to modify its advertised content to make it more relevant to you. To this end, we record the number of visits to our website, the most visited pages and visitors’ navigation preferences across our pages. Once used for statistical purposes, this data is fully removed from our system.


Please note that by connecting to our website, you implicitly agree to your web browser saving the above described cookie files, which are to be retrieved at each of your subsequent visits. While web browsers are typically set to accept cookies, you may choose to decline or delete stored cookies at any time. For this, please refer to the ‘help’ section in your browser. Please bear in mind that by disabling those files you will block certain functions of our website and you will therefore not be able to take full advantage of it.

How about links to other websites?

Please note that links to third party website found on our website are not under our supervision and are therefore not governed by this Privacy Policy. This includes the sharing of content through our social media Facebook and Twitter buttons. We recommend that you check their own Privacy Policy as they will be the ones responsible for the safeguard of your data privacy while using their services.

Can any third party access your personal data?

We engage to never pass on any of your data for marketing purposes to third parties. Data transfer is realised to fulfil our business duties as mentioned in our sales contract. This involves providing your address information to entrusted order fulfilment and shipping agents for the delivery of your goods. We work on the basis of strict contracts with our partners who are carefully selected for their ability to securely and properly handle your data. Please note that we will disclose any form of data to relevant governmental agencies only if formally required to do so under our legal or regulatory responsibilities. Moreover, please be aware that in order to protect our customers and our company, we hold the right to investigate and share data related to attempts at fraudulent or illegal behaviours. This includes our rights to preserve our company against false third party claims or allegations, including rights set under our Terms and Conditions. Please be aware that we do not store your payment information on our server. Any payment information is processed in a card non-present and encrypted environment that is operated by our payment processor. The latter was chosen for its ability to guarantee the highest standards of security for your card and banking account details.

How long do we keep your data for?

How long we retain data you submit to us depend on the following options. First, as long as you have an existing account at Second, as long as needed in order to provide you with support, such as in the case you contact our customer care department. Finally, as long as required in order to abide by the law and by regulatory requirements such as fraud and abuse prevention, resolution of litigation, or for the enforcement of our Terms and Conditions.

What are you rights and how can you manage or delete any personal data shared with us?

You can deactivate your account at or if you opted in, withdraw from receiving our offers and newsletters at any time. You can do this by contacting our customer care department, by using your account settings, or in the latter case, by selecting the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of our email communications.  Please note that any post or information shared via social media channels may remain visible even once your account is deleted. Furthermore, you are entitled to modify your data or request from us a copy of the personal data you have shared with us at any time. We will treat those requests free of charge. Please note that if you contact us by any other means than the email address used to register your account, we will have to ask you for some questions in order to confirm your identity. If you find out that we hold incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data on you, please ask us to having it either amended or removed. We will rectify your information within three working days. Please be aware that we cannot delete certain data when legally required to do so or when needed for accounting purposes.

Our friendly customer care department is always at your service by email, at, via telephone at +44 (0) 73 87 81 15 08 , or by mail at Bromsfield Finery Ltd., , 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WCH9JQ, United Kingdom. For security reasons, please contact our customer care department preferably via the email used when registering your account at